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Falk Hähner

Qualified IT specialist for application development to-be

About me

Welcome to my website! I am born on 19.09.1998 in Cologne, Germany. Since my childhood I am a big fan of electronics and programming. After exploring the world of LEGO® (NXT Mindstorm) I was unstoppable in gaining informations. I started hosting different game server i.e Minecraft, Arma2 & Arma3. I love to create content for others, especially when they like it! On my way to grow up, I earned a lot of experience in school and the rest of the days. I mostly was interested in gaming and programming except learning for school, my fault. Today I don't regret this mistakes, because I learned a lot about life and society and won't take my future as easy as my time in school.

After finishing secondary school, I wasn't sure what comes next. So I decided to join a "Game Development Basic" course. I thought it was a good beginning for getting used to programming. I created different games with Pico-8 a beginners tool for simple LUA programming. Later on we was introduced to Unity 5.5 a very powerfull toolbox. If u want to play some, see my projects.